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Our products and solutions are designed to help our customer to maximize their investment by meeting and exceeding their operational goals, business requirement, compliance requirements and quality assurance.

This include our wide range of value added services such as consultation, installation or system integration with related infrastructures, project management, maintenance, range of training including education options to help ensure customer success and satisfaction.

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Telecommunication Value Added Services

With our expertise in telecommunication industry for the past 20 years and together with experience in delivering TM MERS (Malaysia Emergency Response Services) 999 Caller Profile and Location Identification, we have internally developed several products specifically for TM MERS 999 requirement, which are as follows;

  • Service Logic Application Broker ( SLAB )
  • SaveMe Smartphone Client and Server
  • Business Support System – Centralize Web Application for Voice Recording System for TM MERS 999 Agencies
  • M-CAD Notification System


Alert360 is a cloud-based software with an integrated single sign-on to broadcast emergency, disaster warnings and location based alert through multi-channels platform. It could disseminate disaster alert and warning message through mobile network via SMS, mass media, broadcasting system and other social media platforms.

The dissemination of information is done in a timely manner and allow a certain structured form of response from the recipient to be returned to the senders.  This would ensure that the vulnerable communities and responders are promptly informed to enable them to take necessary actions.


Sapphire is a cloud-based Accounting and Financial Management System developed by Silverline Dynamics. It is developed taking into the need of both accounting practices, namely cash and accrual transactions.

‘Open Source’ technology has been fully utilized in the development of Sapphire and all modules are integrated with each other featuring a single point of data entry. Users can access it anytime and anywhere through the internet.

Point of Sale (POS) & E-commerce Solution

Point Of Sales (POS) developed by Silverline Dynamics is a cloud-based software which provides a business with a cash register system. Use this cash register system to store product information and speed up the check out process for your customer.

Silverline Dynamics also developed a few customized e-commerce software that caters to our customer with a specific requirements.

Contact Centre Solution

Silverline Dynamics has developed a Contract Center Desktop Application (CCDA) to meet the TM requirement for a deployment of a low cost Contract Center Desktop Application for PIAM Network Call Center Project. CCDA consists of Agent Desktop Component and Agent Consultation Component.

Data Analytics

Our data analytics solutions could help increasing the clients outcomes by harnessing the data technologies. We can do this by analyzing the client’s current information and developing a strong data foundation to optimize client business performance, and to commercialize data opportunities.

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