Enduring entrepreneurialism

Corporate Strategy

Our strategy to achieve our mission is comprised of four key components.


Provide proven, market and client focused solution offerings

We deliver value to our clients by providing a set of focused and proved offering that solve targeted business problems quickly and holistically. We innovate and rally our unique competences, solutions and best practices around each client to deliver business value with a speed and clarity unmatched in our industry. We select to invest in long-term, powerful and strategic client relationships that are founded on our shared success.

Technology and market leadership and innovation

We believe that the key to move forward quickly and stay ahead is through strong partnership with the technology provider and market provider. Hence, our partner represents the best company in the industry providing technology framework and market opportunity. By using local knowledge and expertise, we customized and bring values to the end solution delivered to our clients.

Strategic Program Management

SDSB has a well-defined strategic management plan encompassing the entire spectrum of organization which outlines the key success factors, target goal and strategic action plan. We discuss the role and responsibility expected of each employee and revisit the plan of frequent basis to ensure its conformity and effectiveness.

Attract, retain, and reward the best people in the industry

We recognize that our people are the foundation of our success. We invest to create an environment where the best talent in the industry views SDSB as the most desirable place to work and invest their careers. SDSB implement compensation plan and recognition system that reward people for their growth and development as well as their current performance on the job. SDSB promotes entrepreneurship among its employees and encourage them to eventually become entrepreneur themselves either on SDSB platform’s or through their own initiatives. This blended well with our mission to expand the company and meet with our aspirations – “We aspire to become a group of companies specializing in cross industries providing quality services and products to our customers using entrepreneurship and technology as the pillar”.

Connecting with us