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Telco & Public Security

With our expertise in telecommunication industry for the past 20 years and together with experience in delivering TM MERS (Malaysia Emergency Response Services) 999 Caller Profile and Location Identification, we have internally developed several products specifically for TM MERS 999 requirement, which are :


Service Logic Application Broker

Service Logic Application Broker or SLAB is developed by SDSB in collaboration with Stratus Technologies Inc as an extension of Stratus ENTICE to provide the functionality of ANI/ALI to TM MERS 999 Environment.

SLAB integrates TM PSTN Network, Fixed Network Caller Profile and Location Data, Mobile Operator‘s Caller Profile and Location Data and TM MERS 999 Response Center.


SaveMe Mobile Client

SaveMe Mobile Client for smartphone was developed by SDSB specifically for TM MERS 999 as an improvement to ANI/ALI project. While ANI/ALI can provide caller location accuracy for mobile caller up to the nearest Mobile Cell Location,

SaveMe is able to provide greater accuracy through the use of the build-in A-GPS component available in most smartphone.


Business Support System

Business Support System or BSS was developed In collaboration with Telstrat International Limited, as a Centralize Web Application to enable MERS 999 Agency to retrieve Voice Recording of calls to 999 that are stored in a centralize storage using only Web Browser.

Through this application, users are allowed to view recording files, listen and download recording this are only related to his/her Agencies or Site, depending on the user’s privilege.


Contact Center Desktop Application

SDSB has developed a Contact Center Desktop Application or CCDA to meet the TM requirement for a deployment of a low cost Contact Center Application for PIAM Network Call Center Project.

CCDA consists of Agent Desktop Component and Agent Consultation Component.


Mass Alert Notification System

Alert 360 is a Public Warning Software that can be used as a tool to disseminate disaster alert and warning messages through a mobile network to a target at specific geographic location.

It is a robust system that can provides interfacing and integration with multiple operating telcos and celcos in Malaysia.

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