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Financial Technology or also known as “Fintech” is a term that meant to assist businesses to have a better way in organising their financial operations by using technology that provide financial services. Given the strong support from Malaysian government towards digital transformation and the economy that is fuelled by the World Wide Web and Mobile Internet Revolution, consumers will probably continue to enjoy and explore what fintech has to offer.

To keep pace with growing demands, we have developed a cloud-based accounting system called “Sapphire” and “Sapphire-Lite” and a Point of Sales (POS) System that allows businesses to accept payments from customers and keep track of their sales.


Sapphire Web Based Accounting System

Sapphire is a web based accounting system developed locally by Silverline Dynamics and comply to the Standard Accounting System For Government Agencies (SAGA). It offers both cash and accrual accounting system. It has been fully developed by leveraging on open source technology such as Java and Pentaho.

The client has the option to use open source database such as PostgreSQL or MySQL or purchase the licensed database such as Oracle and MS SQL Server.


Sapphire-Lite Web Based Accounting Software

Sapphire-Lite is a lighter version of a web based accounting system developed by Silverline Dynamics.

It offers both cash and accrual accounting system developed specifically for the small and micro businesses.



iPoS a cloud platform where POS terminal could synchronize data to the client HQ System. The system connects to the back-end database to display, view, and do all sorts of administration on the data. It is fully developed by SDSB for our Service and Retail industry client and can be integrated with a POS hardware.

It has features like Inventory, Online, Mobile & Kiosk Ordering, Customer Dashboard & Management, Integrated Credit Card processing and Delivery Management.

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